How to Make Money with Pinterest in 2018 – 4 Steps to easy results

by Frank Spooner
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I’m going to share with you how you can make a killing off Pinterest.

Prepare to amplify the success of your webpage, because Pinterest provides you with an amazing opportunity to make a killing off of sales and traffic!  The best part is, it’s easy and for nothing!  Watch this complete tutorial to find out how to begin boosting your site using the organic power of social media!

Its super simple to begin with; just create a no cost account on Pinterest!  Then, you can look for content associated with your actual niche.  Use the search function to discover a user who has a lot of followers.  By clicking on the boards, you will see what they’ve pinned and find pictures you think that can be interesting to your own audience.  Just click “Pin it!” to include it in your board that’s linked to your niche.  You’ll want to repin a minimum of 10 or 15 attention-grabbing pins, or much more, if you have time.

Here’s a quick way to create your own Pinterest following.  It’s very effective, and easy to do!  You’ll acquire how to follow other individuals who have pinned images regarding your niche, and find out Pinterest’s maximum on following others.  Realize how fast you’ll start driving your own followers!  You’ll get detailed instructions to start pinning your personal content from your web site or YouTube channel – It is at this point that you start counting your monetary gain!

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Getting lots of backlinks traffic and sales to all of your profitable content


Follow these four simple steps and you’ll be able to make a simple passive income by exploiting this strategy using Pinterest



Step number one is super easy to do,

All you need to do is sign up an account at Pinterest.


Step number two: pin some cool stuff that’s related to your niche.

Find cool content that already exists on Pinterest and then simply repin it.


So the way we do that is, we look up a keyword related to the niche that we’re involved in.

EX; the make money online niche.


I’m simply going to look up make money online in the Pinterest search engine and then I’m going to look at pins or I can look at pinners.


Basically what we want to do is, we want to find a pinner.

Find somebody that’s got a pretty good following, that probably has really good content.

You look at their name and then find pins that you think would be interesting to the niche audience that you’re targeting.


 – “I want to find the best of the best that I think would be attractive to people that would look at my profile. And then I want to repin it.”


I want to create a new board that’s related to my niche. either keep the description of the pin the way it is or, rewrite it to one that sounds more interesting.

Then simply repress the “pin it” button.

You want to do this at least 10 to 15 interesting pins that you can find on Pinterest that are related to the niche that you choose, and then when you go to your account, you’ll see this pin that I just pinned will be added to my account.

If you want to do this 10 to 15 times at least but there is no limit


3- Step number three is simply to build a Pinterest following.

This step does take a little bit longer than the previous two steps but it is just as easy to implement.

You want to take a search in your niche “make money online” and then you want to again find somebody who has a decent amount of followers in your niche.

Then, you want to take a look at the people that are following him.

So if you understand the logic here. We have a Pinner that is involved in our niche, with people that are following him in our niche.

So it logically makes sense that if these people are following him it’s because they’re interested in our niche.

So in this case we see that the niches make money online, and these people are following this guy who’s in this niche, therefore if we follow these people and they follow us back, we will have real people that are interested in the make money online niche that will start following us reciprocally.

The whole process is simply just going through and clicking as many follow buttons as you can.

The one limitation with this strategy is that Pinterest actually imposes a limit on the amount of people that you can follow per hour.

So after you followed 300 people, Pinterest is going to give you a little message saying to slow down, you’re going too fast.

This isn’t really that big of a deal, it just means that you can only do this in three hundred people bursts, and then come back whenever you have time on your computer, and do it over again until you’ve built up as big of a following as you want to build.

So what ends up happening after you’ve done this for a little while, these people that you’re following are going to follow you back.

So this is going to be really powerful by the time I followed say, 10000 people, over 20 percent have followed me back.

So if I followed 10000 people that means that I should have around 2,000 people following me back on Pinterest, related to my niche.

By that time, I’ll have a reasonable enough following that I can actually make some pretty good backlinks, traffic, and sales.


Step 4, once you’ve built up a little bit of a Pinterest following, to for this strategy, you’re going to want to pin your own stuff to get traffic to your stuff, backlinks and sales from Pinterest.

So this is the part we’re actually going to be able to make money off this strategy.

And there’s a couple of ways that you can do this.

One option of course is to pin stuff from a personal website that you own, that’s niche related.

Another option is to do a YouTube channel or another social media medium, where you can make some money off of traffic being sent to it.

For example. I have my YouTube channel, I have my blog.

On my website, I have all these blog posts where I have an image to them.

So if I want to pin one of these blog posts to my Pinterest account it’s really easy to do.

All I need to do is click on one of these.


So let’s say I have this blog post about my success with the Amazon affiliate program, I go to that post on my blog, and I simply copy the URL.

So I highlight the top URL address, go to copy.


Then when I’m on Pinterest, all I need to do is click on the plus button and add a new pin from a website.


Now it gives me the option to add a pin from a website, and it gives me the URL bar below.

This is where I want to paste in the URL that I chose.

Once I have that in there, it’s going to give me the option to click next.

It’ll take a second to load, and then it’ll give me an option of the picture that I want to use from that page.


And again I have my make money online niche related board, and I have my description.

Because I’m the first one pinning this one, I’m going to need to add a description.

So for this description, I’ll write, “take a look at my success with the Amazon affiliate program”.

Then I just want to click on the “pin it” button.

Go back to my profile, and check my pins.

I will have a pin that’s directed to my websites.

So instead of pinning other people’s stuff, now that I have a bit of following, I want to pin my own content to get a backlink to my website, as well as traffic and sales.


Once you’ve gotten to the point where you have a good amount of followers on Pinterest, you’re actually going to be getting a backlink from a social profile that’s fairly popular on the internet.


It’s going to be good to Google’s eyes for SEO benefits but, there’s more to that because basically when you pin something, it’s going to be displayed for all the people that are following you.



So all these 234 people are going to see this pin that I’ve pinned about the Amazon affiliate program.


Now of course if any of them decide to pin it themselves, not only will you get a backlink from your account, you’ll also get a “pin it” backlink from their social profile as well.

So if I have 2,000 followers on Pinterest, and let’s say a hundred of them repin my pin, I’m going to get a backlink from each of those sources.


So once I have this following, it’s going to give me a nice little boost.

Every time I have some new content to pin onto my account, I’m going to get a nice little SEO boost from Pinterest, as well as some good amounts of traffic, and then sales, from people that eventually go to my website.

So this is actually a really cool strategy.

It doesn’t just have to be websites you can also do YouTube channels, or other areas where you have content where you make money as well.


The beautiful thing about pinning videos, it work really well for Pinterest because they actually play within the Pinterest user interface.


As always thank you for visiting my blog. If you haven’t done so already subscribe to my youtube channel and I’ll keep you up to date with new videos with strategies that are just as good as this one.

Thanks again, talk to you guys soon.



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