3 Highly effective ways to MAKE a PROFIT ONLINE

We’re going to talk about some easy ways to make money online.

The first one I want to talk about is Pinterest. Now to make money online today, you want to build a tribe. Having an audience of people that you can sell things to. I want to find stuff on Pinterest that is like a product or a good that I can find on another platform. (a great platform obviously is Amazon)


We can find stuff on Amazon that we want to sell. This could be books, dresses ect…  As long as it’s on Amazon, we can promote it as an affiliate. So let’s say for example we’re in marketing, and we wanted to sell a Gary Vaynerchuk book. There’s this book that’s 13 dollars and we could sell it as an affiliate and make some money. We put an image up of Gary, and have it linked with our Amazon affiliate link and make some easy money off of that link.

You can’t just pin directly from Pinterest, because if you pin it directly from Pinterest, you’re not going to be able to edit the link and add your Amazon affiliate link. So what you need to do is, you need to upload your own image from your own computer on to your Pinterest profile, and then link it.

There’s an easy shortcut so if you’re going to be doing this a lot, you’re going to build a platform or a tribe of people that are following you on Pinterest. Then use a Chrome extension called, the Pinterest Save button. Add it to your Chrome extension and now you’re going to have the Pinterest Save button.

The way that it’s going to work is when you find an image of whatever, it is that you want to sell, you click on the image. You can actually save to your Pinterest profile directly.

It’s simple, go searching through Google and click on Pinterest save and it’s automatically going to save to one of my Pinterest boards. Once I have my product in my Pinterest board, I can hover over it, click the pencil button, and I can change the link. So instead of having the link to the Google image or wherever you find your image now you can go to your Amazon affiliate account and put in your affiliate link. Now when people click image, they’re going to go to Amazon with your affiliate link attached.

But it’s also not a bad idea if you had something like a blog or a following that you want to grow. You could put all of your links to go to whatever you want. This is just an opportunity for you to grow a following on Pinterest and then leverage that following to make some real easy money, real sales or leverage that traffic to other platforms get leads and make money elsewhere.


The Second make money strategy is giving away ebooks and making money off of those ebooks. There’s a couple ways that you can actually do this. You can create the e-book and you can sell it directly on Amazon through Kindle publishing, and make royalties and profits from selling that ebook. The other option the kind of ninja/jujitsu method that’s really awesome that marketers used to make a lot of money, is to actually give this ebook away. Because when you’re giving something for free, you’re going to have a bunch of people take you up on that offer.

An example of somebody that does this exceptionally well is Alex Becker, here he just created a new book called the 10k email blueprint, and he’s giving the book away for free. But in order to get the book for free, you also have to sign up for a free web class. Now you may be thinking at this point; “He just give me a bunch of free stuff, how does he actually profit from this?”  Well he makes money from selling something in the actual web class. That’s front-loaded value. Getting people in and then making sales once you have people in.


Another really cool thing you can do with these ebooks is, you can actually load them up with affiliate links if you’re giving them away on your youtube channel or to your email subscribers on your Pinterest account. Any platforms that you want. If you’re giving this ebook away, you can load it up with your own affiliate links inside of the e-book so that people will get them for free, and when they actually read them and go through the books, they’re going to be clicking on your links. Buying stuff and getting you commissions.

So, the free e-book strategy works wonderfully. Of course, you still need to have a tribe as with any of these strategies to be able to make money, but even with a small tribe, you can make a lot of money by having a free ebook that is leveraged properly in the right way to make you sales.

You really need to have a tribe to be able to make money, and one of the easiest ways is to have a lead capture page. This is also what marketers will refer to as, “a full funnel”, because it doesn’t just stop at the lead capture page. You need to do stuff with the tribe members that you get once they give you their email address.

Now what I use is a tool called click funnels. I have also bought Profit Builder.  (Profit Builder is a cheaper alternative) What you can do with something like click funnels is, you can create a lead capture page that’s designed to capture emails. Then you can send those emails to an offer of some sort. People subscribe, so they enter their name and email and they continue. I’m going to take them to my sales page which is “zero hour work days”. Now, when somebody buys something on “zero hour work days”, I’m going to make money for that.

The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing, is that you don’t actually need to create this whole product yourself to be able to make money off of it. All you have to do is apply to become an affiliate, and then once you’re approved to promote a product, you can create a lead capture page, and then redirect to your affiliate link, taking people to the sales page and making money off of the product.

I can make money on demand because I have full access to those subscribers.


Okay so those are the three strategies that I want to cover, that are all ways that you could start making money online with, today.



-You can build an audience on Pinterest. Make some easy sales by getting people to your pins and then sending those pins to different affiliate links.

– You also could give away a free ebook either by listing it on Amazon or giving it away to your email subscribers or YouTube subscribers

-Creating a lead capture page or a full funnel that you can develop in a software like clickfunnels.

All three of those strategies are working and you can actually combine them to make even more money.

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